Lafazanis Winery: 70 years in the wine business!

News 08/10/2016

2016: This is the year when we’re celebrating our 70th anniversary in the world of winemaking, during a two-day event alongside the Great Days of Nemea 2016 Festival. Our guests and friends all left with the best impressions! Not only did we schedule wine tasting sessions but also wine and food pairings introduced by none other than Aris Sklavenitis, named Best Greek Sommelier for 2016! We worked together with Greece’s leading wine connoisseurs to create a very special wine based on a “code”. Rest assured it’ll become the talk of the town! We sang to the Gadjo Dilo Band during a sumptuous dinner accompanied by fine wine: a combination that sent the night into orbit! On the second day of our event, we welcomed hundreds of friends to our winery for our harvest and the traditional pigeage, the stomping of the grapes in bare feet! The fun continued with a BBQ! Later on, we never stopped dancing to the traditional rhythms of the Chorostalites Orchestra. Many heartfelt thanks to everybody who came and celebrated with us!