The Lafazanis Winery cultivates 10 hectares of privately-owned vineyards surrounding our Nemea facilities. The vineyards are perched on the slopes of Fokas Hill (alt: 240-500 m) and are mainly planted with Agiorgitiko, Cabernet Sauvignon, Assyrtiko Gewürztraminer, Tannat, and Syrah. Winemaker Spyros Lafazanis’ planting and viticultural pursuits proved the best school and life experience for him. The vineyard was designed so as to produce small yields that favor quality wine. The vineyard in Archaies Kleones (ancient Cleonae) belongs to a semi-mountainous, winegrowing and winemaking region with a diversity of microclimates, maximum absorption of sunshine, and a sloping terrain with excellent drainage.

Cooperating vineyards


The Lafazanis Winery meets 90% of its winemaking needs through contracted winegrowers, selected for their professionalism and passion for the art of viticulture, assets that enable them to produce healthy, quality grapes year after year. The vineyards we chose to collaborate with were carefully selected throughout Nemea and the prefectures of Corinthia and Arcadia. We work with a total of 300 winegrowers who cultivate an overall cooperating area of 2,000 ha. Our company monitors cultivation practices in the cooperating vineyards, keeps in close contact with the corresponding winegrowers, advises them and seeks their consultation, especially when it comes to winegrowing techniques and practices. We also monitor the ripening process via continuous sampling and decide on the day the harvest will take place, all the while implementing quality control over all viticultural stages.



Each wine must be treated like a small work of art that is different and special every time. Think of a wine as a painting: our varietals are the assortment of brushes used by the artist and our wines’ components are the colors on the artist’s palette, the ones that yield the ultimate result, as perceived by your senses and personal taste preferences.