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The history and roots of the winery go back 70 years, when Vassilis Lafazanis started making wine in Piraeus. Some decades later, in 1960, the Lafazanis family built its first family-owned winery in Magoula, Attica, and turned it into an S.A. company. In 1993, Spyros Lafazanis, who had grown up steeped into the secrets behind the art of winemaking, decided to move the winery to Nemea, an area which he had grown to love at the beginning of his career as a young oenologist. Our Nemea winery rapidly began to develop and its evolution is still going strong. It is a state-of-the-art plant with a production capacity of approximately 4 million liters annually out of which 80% is sold in Greece and an approximate 20% is exported. At the very same time the winery was established, we also planted a privately-owned vineyard of 10 ha and went into cooperation with 300 winegrowers. In 2012, we also opened a distillery for Tsipouro (pomace brandy) as well as a distribution center in Elefsina, Attica, with a view to offering our customers and clients improved and faster service. The winery’s most recent triumph came in 2015, when Spyros Lafazanis succeeded in acquiring “Nestor“, Messinia’s winemaking cooperative. All of our production protocols comply with and adhere to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems and the ISO 22000:2005 food safety system. Firmly grounded on its philosophy that revolves around ongoing evolution, the Lafazanis Company has established for itself a strong position in the Greek market and exports its products in 10 countries while maintaining its competitive edge by offering value for money.

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Our privately owned vineyards are located in Nemea, Greece’s largest winegrowing region and production center of the highly acclaimed PDO Nemea wines. We are situated in Archaies Kleones (ancient town of Cleonae) which belongs to a semi-mountainous winegrowing region with a diversity of microclimates, maximum absorption of sunshine, a sloping terrain, and great drainage. The vineyards are home to a number of varieties but their main product is Agiorgitiko. The exceptional soil and climate conditions of the area allow the grapes to ripen to perfection. Our company has carefully selected its cooperating vineyards and makes certain to be in steady and close contact with the winegrowers involved. We consult them and, in turn we seek their advice, especially when it comes to winegrowing techniques. Through continuous sampling, we monitor the ripening process and decide on the day the grapes will be harvested, all the while exercising stringent quality control over all stages. Our wines are a reflection of the vineyards of Nemea and harvest time is a celebration that brings us its gifts, the very same we would like you to enjoy in your glass.

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The Lafazanis Winery blends harmoniously with the country vistas of its location, the village of Archaies Kleones (ancient Cleonae) in Nemea. It covers an area of 4,000 m2 and is nestled in 10 ha of vineyards. At our Nemea Winery, we employ a total of 35 people. It is our winery’s first and foremost principle to use the latest in state-of-the art, accredited winemaking methods throughout our production process, implemented by eminent oenologists as well as profoundly experienced and highly expert staff. The winery’s production capacity is 4,000 tons annually. The winery is outfitted with the latest in technologically advanced winemaking equipment. Temperature and humidity conditions are fully controlled throughout the premises, so as to ensure superb quality in both production process and products. Our event hall is part of our facilities and it is where presentations, wine tasting, and seminars take place. The winery is open to visitors year round and it is easily accessible from the Aghios Vasileios–Archaies Kleones Junction, at the 104th-km mark of the Athens-Tripoli National Highway.

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Our “tsipouro” (pomace brandy) is crafted at our Nemea distillery where our cutting-edge fractional distillation unit of continuous 1000-liter batches produces the finest tsipouro. As raw material, we use only the pomace from carefully selected, ripe, and healthy grapes. It’s the only way we know of making sure that our final distillate is gifted with the most delicate and sophisticated aromas that the Nemea grape varieties are capable of. All procedures involved in our “tsipouro” production process are fully in accordance with the legislation on distilleries.



Here you can find all the information you need on our fine wines which, for years on end, have been keeping their competitive edge by offering value for money. At the Lafazanis Company we maintain our own distribution network. Through our range of wines, not only do we meet all consumer demands for specific tastes and varietals but also the exacting requirements made by the professionals in our sector. Learn all about the different types and sensory traits of the wines we craft and find out how to store, serve, and enjoy them. What’s more, the combinations we’ll propose to you will come as a pleasant surprise to your palate.



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