“Kodikas” a delightful wine

News 20/12/2016

The Lafazanis Winery, in association with “Nestor S.A.”, created a delightful wine benefiting from a collaboration that touched all stages of production! Both wineries gave their best red varieties: Agiorgitiko, Tannat, and Syrah , all from the estate of the winery in Nemea , as well as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from the finest vineyards of Trifylia.

There are five varieties and as many oenologists for both wineries! They are as following: The winemaker and head-enologist, Spyros Lafazanis. Enologist and maitre Stavros Taboukos, in charge of production in Nemea. Stamatina Tetorou, enologist and maitre in charge of production in Trifylia. Constantine Nodaras enologist. And finally, Vassilis Lafazanis, the initiator and youngest rising oenologist. The initial idea was that of Vassilis Lafazanis, who named the wine “Kodikas” (it is the greek word for “Code”) because of its multivarietal composition and the secrecy of the blend. In the beginning, five different blends matured in the oak casks of the winery.

On the 4th of September, during the 70 year anniversary celebrations of the Lafazanis family winemaking, experts, connaisseurs and wine journalists were invited to participate in a master class led by Aris Sklavenitis – best Greek Somellier for 2016. They tested the five different combinations, contributing with their expertise on the choosing of the best blend for the “Kodikas” wine. The result was a resounding win for the blend with the number “5”! Five varieties, five enologists and blend number five … The signs were abundantly clear. A new star was born, and it was high time to bottle it!

Another collaboration arose, this time with the Aegean University and professor of applied arts Mrs. Alexandra Georgiadou, who gave as a case study to her students the task of creating the label for “Kodikas”. On Tuesday the 13th of December, during a graphic design class in the industrial product design department of Syros, fifty students gave their ideas during a three-hour presentation in the auditorium. Kodikas’ creator Vassilis Lafazanis and Commercial Director Athina Lafazani, were present and answered all the questions of the students. They discussed wine tasting, the future plans of “Kodikas” wine. Many other questions raised from the study made by the students on the wine. The proposals of the students were many, inspired by contemporary and ancient means of communication. Students had to deliver their final label drawings for “Kodikas” as part of their work assignments for the semester, as one of will be selected.

“Kodikas” will be released in Spring 2017 and those who worked for its creation are waiting for their first glass with great anticipation. Thank you all very much!